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(Abr. 3:25)

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Happy Birthday & Happy Mother’s Day – Suzanne Osmond

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the family

Happy Birthday & Happy Mother’s Day

Suzanne Osmond

the family

Today, May 11, 2014, is Suzanne Pinegar Osmond’s Birthday.  We are celebrating her 61st Birthday and tomorrow, Mother’s Day!  We did the same last year when she turned 60, as you saw in the video.

Suzanne married Alan R. Osmond on July 16, 1974 and together had eight sons; Michael, Nathan, Douglas, David, Scott, Jon, Alex & Tyler Osmond.

All of their eight boys are eagle scouts.  All are married except for Tyler and have blessed Suzanne and Alan with twenty four grandchildren.

Nathan Osmond, our second son is an amazing song writer entertainer and musician, director as well as producer who made this video as a surprise for Suzanne’s special dinner we all are having tonight.

Suzanne is a special and wonderful Mother and wife and is so dedicated to her husband Alan, her children as a mother, and to her grandchildren, as a grandmother.

We all wish Suzanne a Happy Birthday and Mother’s day along with all the other Moms around the world who take most seriously their role as  a wives, a mothers and creators of life, who love and nurture God’s children here on earth.

the family
The Osmonds Second Generation

Suzanne BD Card4 500

“Motherhood is the most respected and noblest of all callings.”
President Boyd K. Packer

Alan Osmond
For The Family

It is Suzanne’s & Alan’s 37th Wedding Anniversary!

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We’ve Taking The Day Off! 

Remembering Back 37 years Ago!

the family

This picture was taken at our home on Osmond Lane in Provo, Utah which was our dream home that we designed and had built.  We raised our eight sons there and this home became the center place for our family and friends to come and be together.

Suzanne has always been a great organizer and she is especially one for cleanliness.  She reminds me of the scripture that says, “Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing, and establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God.” D&C 109: 8

I remember one night when I was saying my evening prayers, I expressed to my Heavenly Father that I had dated a lot of different girls and have tried to find my special someone.  I expressed to Him that I was lonely and needed to find that special girl who would spend eternity with me.  I even wrote it down in my journal that night before I went to bed.

I was reading my journal a few years later and I noted that it was only one week later that I had also written in my journal, “Tonight I met a real girl; someone really special.”  That was after the first date that I had with Suzanne.

I remember the night when I went to a BYU basketball game and I watched this really good looking cheerleader named Suzanne Pinegar more than the game itself!  I went down on the basketball floor after the game and went up to her.  I introduced myself to her and she was awesome as I visited with her. Her mother Ruth was there also and I ended up talking to her more than Suzanne.  I got her phone number and found out later that she had a boy friend that she was dating that just happened to be in California that night when I stepped in!  Ha!

Yes, we dated for over 6 months but never went steady.  I never went steady with anyone.  I told Suzanne that it was only fair for both of us; that if it was right, that it would happen.

the familyI found myself down in Los Angeles performing and producing television shows with my family and I was mising Suzanne. After taping the shows, we as a family would be driving back to Utah in time for my birthday which was that next day. Mother and Father could see that I was missing Suzanne so they gave me an airline ticket to fly home early to be with her the day before my birthday.

I got back to my apartment in Utah and called Suzanne on the phone.  She said, “What, are you doing home? Youre not supposed to be here until tomorrow for your birthday.”  We visited and I said, “Hey, lets go to dinner.”  She hummed and then said, “I can’t.”  I said, “Why?”  She said, . . . . “I have a date!”  I then said, “A date? Cancel it!”  She said, “I told that guy that I would. I can’t break my word.”   (That said alot to me about Suzanne and her principles.)  I paused for a moment of silence and then said, “You’re right. You go on that date . . . but Don’t Have Any Fun!”

I was all alone that day.  I sat and looked at her picture which was on the dresser by my bed and I started to pray and then wrote my thoughts in my journal.  I read some scriptures and also my Patriarchal Blessing which I received at the age of twelve that pronounced blessings on me based upon worthiness.  I pondered upon those  special blessings that pertained to me and the one that I would marry.  I realized that Suzanne was perfect for me and was the one that I wanted to be with forever.  I wrote my feelings down in my journal.

We got together the next day, which was my birthday, and the day Suzanne had planned on being with me.  We had the most wonderful day together and I knew she liked me because she had made me a blanket with big letters embroidered on it that said, “Big Al”!  We spent the whole day together and even went swimming in the pool at the Riviera Apartments which we owned.the family

It was then, with our heads all wet and just laughing and having a great time together, that I told her I needed to talk to her. Suzanne later told me that she thought I was going to say goodbye and stop seeing her.  I took her up into my parents apartment where we have a living room called The Celestial Room.  It is decorated in all white funiture and carpet, and has large mirrors on both sides of the room that reflect an ongoing image forever.  I took out the notes that I had written in my journal and read them to her.  I then asked her if she would be my wife.  We both cried, kissed  and hugged. I told her that she didn’t have to give me an answer right then but to think and pray about it.

The next day, I called her at work and said, “Have you decided yet?”  She was at work and couldn’t talk so I waited and called again later.  She had a lot on her mind and asked her boss if she could leave work and go home.  She spent the rest of the day searching her own Patriarchal Blessing and praying for her own answers.

the familyThe next day, I picked her up to take her to her Pinegar Family Reunion in my metalic blue Mercedes, 450 SL  convertible sports car.  It was a warm and sunny day outside so I had the convertible top down.  As we were driving up Spanish Fork Canyon when I looked over at her and asked, “Have you made your decision?  She looked at me so tenderly and after a pause . . . said, “YES!” I said, “Will you marry me?”  She smiled and said, “YES!”

I hit the brakes and stopped my car in the middle of the road, as there was no traffic around, and I got out of the car and ran around it in the middle of the street!  I got back in and kissed Suzanne and screamed out loud, Yahoooo! . . . and drove off!

I had a world tour with my brothers and Marie coming up after the Tropicana Hotel Opening that was only about thirteen days away and I wanted Suzanne to go with me on this world tour.  We were going everywhere around the world and I didn’t know if it would happen again.   I knew that I couldn’t take her on tour as a girl friend as that would not look appropriate!  We knew we loved each other and so decided to get married quickly and go on tour as husband and wife!

We flew to Los Angeles the next day and had a press conference where we announced our marriage to the world so that everyone knew about it.  We flew back to Utah and Suzanne went away with her family for their annual Pinegar Family Reunion in Wyoming and I went to Las Vegas to open up the New Tropicanna Hotel Showroon where my family and I would be  entertaining.  The night before I was getting married, I sang on stage, “I’m getting Married in the Morning!”

the familyWhen July 14th 1974 came up, my parents and I flew to Utah early in the morning in a private plane and met Suzanne and her family at the Provo airport.  I saw her and ran to her and picked her up in my arms and swung her around and kissed her.  We all then went to ‘The House of The Lord’, or Temple in  Provo, Utah where a good friend and general authority of our LDS Church, Paul H. Dunn, married Suzanne and me for time and for all eternity in the Temple!  It was a beautiful ceremony.  Suzanne’s Father, Ken Pinegar and wife Ruth, and my parents, George V. Osmond and my mother, Olive were there.  Most of my family was still in Las Vegas.

As we went outside the Temple after being married, we took a quick picture and then went directly to the airport and flew back to Las Vegas where we had two shows to do that night! We had no time for a wedding breakfast or anything!  We had a quick reception in Las Vegas thrown by Dick Clark with celebrity guests like Pat Boone and other celebrities and then we got ready for the shows. the family

Suzanne had never seen me perform on stage before.  She had only heard of Donny Osmond but didn’t know much about the brothers music or me.  She knew me as Alan and not as an Osmond Brother; the way that I wanted it!  She was surprised when I played the saxophone, piano, trumpet and guitar, and danced.  She said, “I never knew you could do those things!”  She was also very surprised when the girls screamed for us . . . especially for me!  I gave her one of my fan club “Sweet Dreams” pillow cases with my picture on it!  Ha!

I have never been more happy in my life than the day I married Suzanne.  We now have eight sons and soon, twenty grandchildren.  Ten girls and ten boys.

God’s plan of life enables families who live the gospel and receive the necessary ordinances to be together forever with Him.  “Marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and the family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.” When a man and woman are married in the temple, they and their family can be together forever. This is a common goal of Latter-day Saints.”  It sure was for us!

I wrote several songs about Suzanne; some even before I knew her.   She definately has lived up to all of the lyrics I have written!  One of them was,


“That’s My Girl”.

Take a little love, add a little laughter…
Find a pretty smile, that’s my girl . . .
Take a little rain, turn it into sunshine . . .
Make you feel better, That’s My Girl.

Just take the time… she’ll find the way to
Make you feel at home . .  like you’ve always known her
That’s My Girl . . .

In in all the world. . . There’s no one better . . .
I call out her name . .  she’s always there .

If you’ve got a hurt . . . you’re never gonna hide it . . .
She knows what you’re thinking . .  That’s My Girl . . .
Take a look around . . .  Counting my blessings . . .
There’s my girl . . .

In in all the world. . . There’s no one better . . .
I call out her name . .  she’s always there .

Where do I go . .  Who do I pray for . . .
Why am I living . .  for my girl . . .
Take me as I am . .  make me look better . . .
That’s My Girl,  That’s My Girl,

That’s My Girl!

.the familyAlan Osmond
For The Family