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By on Nov 19 in Blog tagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off on OCCUPY WALL STREET Being Funded By ACORN

the family

ACORN funds to Occupy Wall Street


the familyNot only is President Obama up to his old “ACORN” tricks, but it has been uncovered that

ACORN, and its derivative, have illegally raised money to fund the “Occupy Wall Street” movement!

These charges by U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) stagger the imagination. We must DEMAND a Congressional investigation!

U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa is demanding that the Obama administration investigate allegedly fraudulent fundraising practices that ACORN’s New York front group has used to raise funds for Occupy Wall Street (OWS). If you will recall, ACORN at one time employed Barack Obama as an organizer and lawyer!the family

Rep. Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee asked Brooklyn-based U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch if New York Communities for Change (NYCC) “engaged in fraud through its participation in the Occupy Wall Street protests.”

Today, Conservative Action Alerts actually talked with the New York State Attorney General’s Press Office about this outrageous fraud. In an exclusive news investigation, they were asked whether or not the Attorney General of New York State was either investigating or prosecuting NYCC. They were aware of the situation, but refused to comment one way or the other. They actually refused to confirm or deny that they were investigating NYCC!

I’m sure if we contacted the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, there probably would not be any action for quite some time, either!

I know what you’re thinking—”Didn’t ACORN file for bankruptcy last year?” Yes, it did!

Another question: “Didn’t the U.S. House of Representatives already cut of ALL funding for ACORN?” Yes, it did!

Another one: “Didn’t the United States Senate already vote to cut off funding for ACORN after the undercover videos surfaced in 2009 depicting ACORN workers providing advice on purchasing a house to run as a brothel for underage, illegal alien, girls?” Yes, it did!

Believe me, ACORN is still “alive and well”—they’ve only changed their name. The re-invented themselves…just in time to support Barack Obama’s re-election bid!

the familyUnfortunately, ACORN STILL has a chance to again “steal the election” by using dead people on the election rolls!

Yes, dead people!

Now it has been proven that one of its offshoots is illegally funding the Occupy Wall Street movement. And this must be stopped right now!

NYCC was created by ACORN operatives more than a year ago BEFORE ACORN filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In fact, it operates out of the old ACORN New York office in Brooklyn. The Working Families Party (WFP), the ACORN-funded political party, also operates out of the same offices.

ACORN Housing changed its name to “Affordable Housing Centers of America.”the family Despite all that has transpired against ACORN, Obama’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Shaun Donovan, started issuing grants earlier this year to this same organization. Apparently, Mr. Obama DESPERATELY needs the votes during his re-election—so the Obama administration is ignoring the ban on funding for ACORN!

Same mission…same objective…same sleazy goals…different name!the family

This past Monday, Rep. Issa asked U.S. Attorney Lynch to start an investigation of claims that NYCC “solicited donations from union members under false pretenses and misappropriated those funds to support the protesters.”

A New York Communities for Change (NYCC) insider source said that money raised to help schools “isn’t going to the campaign…it’s just going to the protests!”

Collection of money, door-to-door, by NYCC staffers for the group’s campaign to test schools for dangerous toxins has ended up in the Occupy Wall Street bank accounts! NYCC Executive Director Jon Kest has threatened and fired employees, destroyed documents, ordered staffers NOT to speak to the press, and installed surveillance cameras and recording devices at NYCC Headquarters in Brooklyn, just to help cover up the financial irregularities.

The United States’ taxpayers do NOT want a repeat of what happened in the last elections. Over 54 employees and individuals associated with ACORN have been convicted of voter fraud. Let the Congressional investigation begin Right Away!

the familyHave you forgotten the massive voter fraud that was perpetrated by ACORN in 2006, 2008, and 2010? Do you remember

President Obama saying during

the 2008 campaign telling



Let me remind you of the shame that ACORN brought to the American voter:

  • State election officials in PENNSYLVANIA threw out 57,435 voter registrations, the majority of which were submitted by ACORN! The registrations were thrown out after officials found “clearly fraudulent” signatures, vacant lots listed as addresses, and other signs of fraud in 2008.

  • 11 ACORN workers were accused of forging voter registration applications in Miami-Dade County, FLORIDA, during the last election. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the state attorney’s office scoured hundreds of suspicious applications provided by ACORN and found 197 of 260 contained personal ID information that did not match any living person!

  • At least 33,000 ACORN-submitted registrations in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN were called into question after it was found that the organization had been using felons as registration workers, in violation of state election rules.

    the family

There must be a very serious Congressional investigation. More important than funding protesters is the very real possibility of again engaging in voter fraud!

Others support Rep. Issa’s call for an investigation, including Staten Island, New York Congressman Michael G. Grimm (R-NY). His comment: “It is no surprise that an ACORN-affiliated group may be connected to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Their track record of fraud and links to deceitful activity demand that these allegations be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

As NYC Mayor Bloomberg did an after-midnight raid on the Occupy Wall Street protestors and as the “Big Apple” faces a possible gridlock and shutdown in various parts of the city on Thursday, we must come against the funders of this group—and, as it turns out, it is by a group formerly known as ACORN which has resulted in previous voter fraud in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. It’s no wonder Mr. Obama supports the Occupy Wall Street—it all has to do with potential votes for his re-election!

the family

Conservative Action Alerts
Because THIS HURTS TheFamily

P. S. Let’s get to the bottom of this as we see these Occupy Wall Street Protesters fanning out all across America. We know that the real problem is in the White House!

NOTIFY YOUR U.S. Representative and Senators!