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Through The Eyes Of American Indians – 500 Nations Came To America – Before Columbus

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Through The Eyes Of American Indians
500 Nations Came To America – Before Columbus,
and “Stayed In The Garden”. staff  recently returned from visiting The Ancient Hopewell’s in the Heart of America.  Some of these wonderful Native American Indians were of Jewish decent from Jerusalem and were a righteous people.  They built astrologically aligned earthworks, observed the Law of Moses and were highly intelligent astronomers.

the family
This highly advanced people knew how to mine metals, iron and copper smelt, silver, and gold, pearls, grains and other precious minerals. They were wise in building mounds for their defense and to protect their families; a place above ground in which to bury their dead, and a holy place that mounted their sacred temples of worship.  Though government, the Smithsonian, some religions and conspiring men wronged and have intentionally destroyed much of their evidence to prove them savages, starved them by killing thousands of buffalo, presented them blankets infested with small pox killing over 80 percent of them, and discredited these people, still many evidences remain proving that they were highly religious and an intelligent civilization and wrote in ancient Hebrew writings which were found buried in these mounds and the “Bat Creek Stone” in Tennessee.  (SEE GLENN BECK VIDEO)

the family the family
(Written in Ancient Hebrew)
“Moses with the Ten Commandments” . . . “Holiness To The Lord”

 (This mound is not the tallest mound but is over 30 feet high.)

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Get Rod Meldrum’s Book!

From the Garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem, Adam-ondi-Ahman to the City of Enoch,  the “Heartland” of North America has been the setting of sacred and significant events throughout human history.

By means of three hundred photographs, maps, works of art, scripture and commentary, the author introduces a growing body of evidence that suggests the very real possibility of a North American setting for The Book of Mormon.  See BOOK IMAGE GALLERY to see dozens of pages.

Thirty-six scriptural prophecies and promises alternate between descriptions of the ancient Nephite land and a latter-day “Promised Land”.  Following that premise, readers will carefully examine statements by the Prophet Joseph Smith regarding his views on Book of Mormon geography.

Newly emerging scientific information strengthens the assertion that large agrarian societies once flourished in North America at precisely the times of Jaredite and Nephite cultures.  This research, conducted mostly by non-LDS scientists is revealing a remarkable panorama of culture, achievement and destruction among these ancient peoples.

The research here compiled sparks the scope of archaeology, anthropology, architecture, fortifications, trade, religion, metallurgy, DNA, horticulture, transportation by sea and by land, geographic topologies, building materials, astronomical alignments, mythology and much more.

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Exploring The Book of Mormon In America’s Heartland, A Visual Journey of Discovery by Rod L. Meldrum is a gorgeous, hard-cover large format 200+ page heirloom quality photographic journey into the exciting new “Heartland Model” geography.  Over 300 stunningly beautiful and informational photographs combine with research, quotes, stories, and artifacts to provide a comprehensive overview. New retail price is $39.95  but you can still get it here for $34.95 +S/H  CLICK HERE.

Visit their website!

God created ‘the Indian Country’, this “promised land” of America.

Our Creator put it exactly in the right place.

We were put here by The Creator.

Our Native Americans hold the keys to our surviving this world.

If we return to righteousness, God will Bless America.

May we be Of One Heart in The Heartland of America.

God Is, and We Are,

The Family