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DNA Traces Jewish Descendants From Jerusalem To North America

By on Aug 15 in Blog | 4 Comments on DNA Traces Jewish Descendants From Jerusalem To North America

DNA Traces Jewish Descendants From Jerusalem

To North America

the family

In 2008, anthropology professor Deborah Bolnick of the University of Texas-Austim authorized a paper published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, detailing the results of DNA sequencing of archaeologically removed bones of the ancient Hopewell Mound Builder civilization that flourished in America’s Heartland in a near perfect match with the Book of Mormon’s Nephite civilization.  Her team found that these ancient people, did in fact have haplogroup X (Israelite) DNA.

DNA findings establish haplogroup X as originating in Israel, continuing through the destruction of Jerusalem at 586 B.C., and now verified in the Heartland of the familyNorth America during Book of Mormon time frames.  This level of secular evidence is unprecedented.

Even more interesting is that Joseph Smith, when commanded by the Lord to take the Book of Mormon to the “Lamanites” (see D&C 28, 30, 32), immediately dispatched four missionaries to four Indian tribes located in New York, Ohio and Missouri.  Amazingly, these four tribes, which were recorded in the journal of Parley P. Pratt, just happen to all have high concentrations of haplogroup X today!  Prophets and prophecies in the Book of Mormon are clear that there will be a “remnant of the House of Israel” on the “Promised Land” in the latter days.

These prophecies state that their literal (genetic) “seed” or remnant would never be destroyed “according to the flesh” but that their latter-day descendants would be found to be of the “House of Israel” or the “Jews” in the latter days (2 Nephi 9:53, 30:4).

josephsmithHow did Joseph Smith know that?  Did he have a team of geneticists to consult with?  No, Joseph Smith was a true prophet and several times the Lord revealed the location of the remnant Lamanites to him through scripture (D&C 54:8).  Each time he was given to know that they were Native North American Indians in America’s Heartland.

Today, there is ample and overwhelming evidence of Israelite DNA among Native populations of North America!

The Book of Mormon is a historical record of real people and events.  Decendents of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph (1 Nephi 5:14) who were of Semitic heritage and became great civilizations somewhere in the America’s. (Helaman 11:20, 3:8, 3 Nephi 1:17).  We do not know the exact DNA make up of Lehi’s family, but we do know they were not African or Asian, the latter being found to be the principle lineages of Native peoples throughout the America’s.  The problem lies in the fact that no Israelite DNA lineages have been found among the ancient Mesoamerican populations, which have been heavily promoted as the primary lands of the Book of Mormon.  DNA sequencing of Mayan kings has demonstrated their Asiatic heritage and corresponding lack of any Israelite ancestry.  Thus, the search in South America for any haplogroup X DNA as originating in Israel isn’t happening because, “They’re looking for it in all the wrong places!”

New DNA findings demonstrate a genetic link between one of the 12 Jewish lineages, called haplogroup X, and North American Native populations of the Algonquian language groups… some 110 tribes.  These include such tribes as the Sioux, Cherokee, Mohican and Ojibway with the highest concentrations in tribes near the Great Lakes.

Amazingly, haplogroup X has also been found in the Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Libyan, Moroccan, Tunisian, and Iraqi Jewish populations, the latter of which can trace their ancestry back to 586 B.C. when they were forcibly removed from Jerusalem by King Nebuchadnezzar and taken to Babylon (Iraq) as slaves.


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the family

Alan Osmond
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  • concolor1 says:

    NOTE: allows this Comment only with a follow up one posted above from Rod L. Meldrum. PLEASE READ BOTH! . . .

    Those seeking scientific information on the subject of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and the origins of Native Americans and wanting to read both sides of the issue would do well to read tapirrider’s second link. There is a clear division between the X haplogroups found in Native Americans and that found in the Middle East around the Holy Land. Specifically, the Native American X hg is classified as “X2a,” and that found around is Israel is “X2b” (there are others of course). The separation can be reliably estimated as having occurred on the order of 15-20,000 years ago, which is well outside the Book of Mormon “timeframe” (indeed, it’s before there were any “Hebrews” at all).

    “Origin and Diffusion of mtDNA Haplogroup X”

    “It is notable that X2 includes the two complete Native American X sequences that constitute the distinctive X2a clade, a clade that lacks close relatives in the entire Old World, including Siberia. The position of X2a in the phylogenetic tree suggests an early split from the other X2 clades, likely at the very beginning of their expansion and spread from the Near East.”

    Dr, Bolnick and her colleagues, in noting that there is no scientific or archaeological evidence for pre-Columbian migrations from the Middle East note also that had there been such voyages, it is unreasonable that other “representatives” of mtDNA haplogroups wouldn’t have been present. The same holds for y-Chromosome sequences (inherited through the male line). None have been found anywhere in the New World, Mr. Meldrum’s claims not withstanding. Finally, there’s no evidence for ancient ocean voyages either, which would require a history of maritime activity and sophisticated navigational aids including the compass, which were not available until around 1000 A.D. and were introduced from China.

  • Alan says:

    Hi Alan,

    Dr. Deborah Bolnick’s research is not being misrepresented at all. She and about 3 other of the scientists in the film took issue with the fact that what they said supports the Book of Mormon claims of a Semitic people coming to North America. Every one of the persons interviewed were given copies of the film and signed-off, giving their signatures of their approval prior to the film being made public. It was only after they realized that the film supported Mormonism that anti-Mormon archaeologist, Dr. Bradley Leper, began his attempt to stir up others and convince them to recant what they said in the film. He was only able to convince a few of them to join in his crusade. The majority of those in the film didn’t join in. Then he wrote a series of articles to promote his position, and since he is a head archaeologist for the state of Ohio, he was given an avenue to promote his opinions. Thus the articles provided in the two links given. He is simply using his position to try and squelch anything that would support Mormonism. The fact is that he said what he said on camera and now that he finds out that it may provide supporting evidence for the Book of Mormon, he doesn’t like it being used in that way. That is unfortunate, but it happens in the archaeological world.

    What Dr. Bolnick’s research proved is that the DNA recovered from several Mound Builder skeletal remains from Ohio and Illinois do in fact have the haplogroup X DNA markers that are also prevalent in most all Jewish and some non-Jewish populations such as the Ashkenazi Jews, the Sephardic Jews, the Libyan, Moroccan and Tunisian Jewish populations as well as the Iraqi Jewish population. Other researchers have demonstrated that haplogroup X originated in “the hills of Galilee” of Israel and spread from there. The Druze population in Israel also have the haplogroup X DNA markers. Watch Debra Bolnick herself explain her research HERE. Also watch DNA expert Dr. Donald Yates HERE.

    Unfortunately, some LDS members are blinded by the false and misleading findings of anti-Mormon’s which are being perpetuated by Mesoamerica theory propagandists. These unofficial apologist organizations such as FAIR, BMAF and the now defunct FARMS organizations (they were all summarily fired from the Neal A. Maxwell Institute in June 2012), are literally promoting the anti-Mormon claims in order to protect their sacred Mesoamerican theories. Please Alan, continue to share the truth and don’t allow these Mesoamerican theory zealots to cast aside the DNA evidence that is prophesied of in the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon prophets proclaimed that their seed would “never be destroyed according to the flesh” (2 Nephi 9:53) yet these LDS apologists proclaim that the DNA evidence has been diluted out of existence and that there is no DNA evidence to support the Book of Mormon claims. They are misguided and are misleading the membership of the Church. The lack of DNA evidence is a primary issue of members who are “leaving [the Church] in droves” according to Elder Marlin K. Jensen and ex-Mormon John Dehlin who conducted an eye-opening survey of some 4,000 former Mormons and shared the results of why they left the Church HERE. It once again reared its ugly head in a recent interview with a former General Authority from Europe in a New York Times front page article and video interview. The Mesoamerican theories are bankrupt as to DNA, archaeological, geographic, linguistic and prophetic evidences. The Heartland Model of the Book of Mormon offers a refreshing new level of evidence in all of these fields! This is why it is growing exponentially across the membership of the Church.

    Don’t let the “Guatemala is the Promised Land” promoters, using anti-Mormon “facts,” distort the truth. “The United States is the Promised Land foretold in the Book of Mormon” (Elder L. Tom Perry, Ensign, Dec. 2012) and it is the nation that was being prophesied about. It is also the nation that was desperately being warned not to allow the secret combinations that destroyed earlier civilizations to get above it. The overwhelming evidence points to the Heartland of North America as the primary and only lands of the Book of Mormon. This is where the covenant with God resides (see article, The Scriptural Basis for the Heartland Model HERE). This is where the New Jerusalem will be built. It is where the Garden of Eden resided and where the gospel was restored. The pattern is clear. This is the sacred land of promise and covenant. It is the “nation above all other nations” and the “mighty Gentile nation above all other nations” spoken of in prophecy.

    It is time for the truth about the Heartland Model Geography to be made available to every member of the Church and allow them to conduct their own analysis and research as to which they feel is better able to defend the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. From our experience with hundreds of thousands of members of the Church, the answer is clear; the Heartland Model offers orders of magnitude more powerful evidences for the historicity of the Book of Mormon than speculations about narrow necks of land and grand piles of stone in Mesoamerica.

    Please feel free to forward this information to as many as you’d like.

    Rod Meldrum
    President – The FIRM Foundation
    801-429-9751 Office

  • tapirrider says:

    Alan, you are misrepresenting Dr. Deborah Bolnick’s research. She and other scientists addressed the haplogroup x issue already. They did so in response to misleading use of their research by members of the LDS church. Please don’t repeat incorrect information.

    Statement about “The Lost Civilizations of North America” DVD

    Skeptical Inquirer, Volume 36.1, January/February 2012
    Civilizations Lost and Found: Fabricating History – Part Three: Real Messages in DNA

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