"Teach more people more truth, and they will improve their own lives."

(Abr. 3:25)

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strengthining families

David Osmond joins Aunt Marie Osmond as Uncle Donny Osmond Recovers From Dancing Injury.

By on Jul 20 in Blog | 13 Comments on David Osmond joins Aunt Marie Osmond as Uncle Donny Osmond Recovers From Dancing Injury.

the familySuzanne and I went to Las Vegas last Friday to see our son, David Osmond, who joined his Aunt Matie Osmond live on stage at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.

Brother Donny Osmond, who incurred further damage to a dancing injury which began when he got hurt doing ‘Dancing With The Stars’, which kept him from performing as Las Vegas’s Number 1 Entertainer.  That’s when nephew David Osmond filled in.

Marie did an amazing show but nephew David Osmond blew the audience away with his crooning and amazing vocal performance which brought the crowd to their feet!  If you missed David, you can see him TONIGHT sharing his talents with Marie once again at The Flamingo Hotel.

Families do this for each other.   When ever you’re in trouble, call an Osmond.

For The Family

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  • Pat says:


    Enjoyed reading your website today. The Osmond Family are truly a great example of what family life is make of. The Osmonds have truly had a special spot in my heart. Your music is very uplifting and I have enjoyed it through the years. I am amazed that all of you are still performing and what zest you all have for life in general. You have to be proud not only your own family but your siblings as well. I just wanted to say “Thank you” for all the great memories through the years. Keep singing and performing…What a great example of your faith you all are to us. Pat

    • Alan says:

      Thank you Pat! We are all children of God and we were blessed to be able to share our love of music with so many! Thank you for being one of those who would listen! Alan

  • Shannon says:

    Hi Alan,
    Such a true testimony to your family’s multi-talented, multi-generational ability to UNITE in order to see each other through. My Prayers for “Uncle Donny’s” speedy recovery. Merrill to the rescue, and now David…Wow, Marie is back to the Variety Show Days…Really remarkable how VERSATILE YOU ALL ARE!!! You and Suzanne Have EVERY RIGHT To be Proud Parents…=)) Thank you, Alan, for standing up for family values…yours, mine, and Everyones!
    I seem to recall an Osmond Belief from long ago that went something like this, paraphrasing, ” It Doesn’t Matter Who’s In Front…as long as its an Osmond!”
    Hope to Catch a glance of the “David&Marie Show” on U-Tube, possibly. STAY STRONG, ALAN, You Are MUCH LOVED <3 by sooo many, including Me!!!

    • Alan says:

      Shannon, Yes, it doesn’t matte who is up front as long as it’s an Osmond!
      Also, a phrase my Mother loved, “It’s amazing what can be accomplished if we don’t care who get’s the credit!”

  • Tracie says:

    Alan, I wrote a reply and didn’t seem to show up, so I will do my best to write what I was saying. I probably hit the wrong button the first time. Thank you for your response. First of all I am not trying to tear you or your family apart. I love and admire all the Osmonds. I rushed judgement on your post. I was wrong in doing so and I apologize for that. I guess my frustration (not with you) is that Marie does not always get the accalades she deserves and I had just read an article that someone had posted elsewhere that I was upset with. So again I am sorry for my quick judgement and previous post. Marie has helped me through some very dark times in my life through her music, books, and by just the amazing inspirational person she is. She has given me the strength and courage to put everything in Gods hands. Your son David is an amazing singer in his own right and I have followed his career the last few years and are very happy for him. And Sir you are correct in saying that with social media today we all are quick to judge and pick people apart and I am afraid I was one of those today and again I apologize for that. I will NEVER do that again I assure you. We all make mistakes, I made one today in judging your post. I also hope Donny is healing well and will be back on his feet soon.

    • Alan says:

      Bless you Tracie! I am the oldest “Performing Osmond” of our family and I saw my brothers and sister along with me work oh so hard at times in order to be successful in this business. You are RIGHT about my sister Marie! I hadn’t seen her on stage for several months and when I saw her show the other night, she was incredible! We talked backstage after about her schedule and how full her days are!!! I don’t know how she does it with a talk show in Los Angeles, a live production with dancing, set changes, wardrobe changes, with everything from country, opera, rock & roll, broadway, etc., etc. each night! I was not only her big brother that night but, I gave her a standing ovation like a FAN because she deserved it!
      This also goes for my brother Donny! NO ONE works as hard as Donny & Marie. Now don’t get me started about my brothers Wayne, Merrill, Jay, and Jimmy besides myself! We loved working hard and enjoyed the satisfaction that we accomplished our goals and dreams at that time. Now, watch out for the years ahead because “we ain’t dead yet!” 🙂 We all love our fans, and love performing. We also love life and being married to great spouses with tons of children. Now to see our own children launching their dreams, as David did, as Nathan my son is doing, Tyler with his music and also Michael, Doug, Scott, Jon and Alex who “have the music in them” but also have “real jobs”! 🙂
      Again Tracie, thank you for writing to me again. I think the world of you for doing it. I am also going to be more vocal and open with all of you because I truly believe we must prepare for some trying times ahead. Will we win? Yes! Will it be hard? Yes! Will it be worth it? You better believe it! Our Lord and Savior is preparing to return and the world must be cleansed of all wickedness before it happens. Hang on to those truths and principles that we all know to be true and we will be standing in the light facing Jesus when He returns once again. Everything then gets totally awesome! I Love life! Alan

  • vicky says:


    I totally agree with your response. I first fell in love with the Osmond Brothers in 1971 and saw the five of you in Kansas City in 1972. Since then I have seen Osmond concerts more than two dozen times. Although Donny will always and forever be my favorite, those of us faithful Osmond family fans know that the Osmond family is the ultimate example of family helping family

    I would love the opportunity to see David perform anytime, anywhere. Hopefully know that I am back in Missouri, Branson will be in the future for yet another amazing Osmond family performance.

    Thank you for all of the wonderful memories and for what I know will be wonderful future experiences.

    You have every right to be very very proud of all of your sons.


    • Alan says:

      YES I AM! We always try to say “Pleased” instead of “Proud” but Proud I am! 🙂
      I couldn’t love one more than another, honestly! Unless you know each one of them as I do, you would know what I mean. What is even most wonderful is to see how they found their wives and brought sweet grandchildren into this world that mad Suzanne and Me MOST “PLEASED”! This is “God’s work and glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” We KNOW that we will be together for all eternity with binding covenants or promises that we have made in the House of the Lords. We encourage all who wish to know more about eternal marriage to learn all you can. God is NOT the author of confusion and as the Holy Spirit guided my pen with the song, “Are You Up There”, we brothers sang, “Why should I want for children if there isn’t any more . . . for them to live for?”
      Well, there is! It’s call an eternal family!

  • Tracie says:

    Really, started reading this and thought, oh this is going to be a nice article on marie and how david was helping fill in for a couple shows, but instead you gave marie a backhanded compliment and gave your son all the credit. Well I can tell you that Marie has put together an amazing show and her vocals are beyond amazing. Her range & musical talents are above par. David is fortunate to be able to perform with his Aunt Marie. Marie is an inspiration to millions and is the hardest working entertainer out there! Maybe you should read what you wrote and rewrite it to compliment your sister and your son!

    • Alan says:

      You know Tracie, I was working on this article while we were driving in the car back to Utah. I was so excited to see David’s performance and wanted everyone to know he was playing there again tonight. I wish everyone could have seen him last night. I was going to write more but but for various battery needs, I had to stop.
      This article was intended to be about David. He is an incredible son and entertainer and not many people know he is subbing for Donny. Yes, Marie is an awesome sister and I don’t know anyone who works harder that she does. But Tracie, you also forgot to mention Donny! What about him?
      I love to get various responses to our articles here at TheFamily and I do listen. I could have just not approved your article but I had to reply. Let’s all try to be more understanding in this fast paced world. I have noticed lately that we as a people, a nation, and world, especially through these social networks, are becoming most critical and ‘picky’ with one another. If you have been reading some of my recent articles, I have shared somewhat a warning voice for us all to not be so caught up in this world and worldly things that we forget the simple things and most precious moments of life.
      Our fans, close friends, business associates and especially family members KNOW HOW WE ALL FEEL ABOUT EACH OTHER and, we will NOT let anyone try to tear us apart, discourage us, choose favorites, build barriers, or try to break down the family! Our family! The family is God’s plan of life for each and every one of us, His children, and Jesus showed us The Way to live. I look forward to all responses.
      Thanks for writing!

      • fran says:

        Hi alan ,
        I dont think you understood Tracie’s point. I also dont think you meant for the article to be so derogatory towards your sister. Like you said you wrote it in the car but in your reply you never stated you were sorry nor did you thank Marie for giving David the opportunity to perform in the top show in Las Vegas.She could have chosen anyone to fill in for Donny but she chose David ( at least for a few nights).That at least deserves a thank you. I am sure David did a wonderful job and I certainly hope Donny gets better soon.i will be seeing D&M in atlantic city if by chance Donny isnt better by then do you think David might be able to fill in.I would love the chance to see him again.

        • Alan says:

          If you know our family very well, you would know that a thank your is not enough. We love hugs and kisses and I let Marie know how much I loved her. You see, show business isn’t our life. It’s a living. A hard one by the way! Our family was taught correct principles by a kind father and a loving mother. When one “trains up a child in the way he should go, when they get older they will not depart from it. I’d say our family loves each other more than ever before!
          Thanks for your honest comments! Alan

          • fran says:

            You are correct. I guess I just misinterpreted it. I do love and respect your family a great deal. As a matter of fact I am going to Atlantic City on Aug 8th and 9th. While I am sorry Donny is hurt and pray for him to have a speedy recovery (not to mention he is probably driving Debbie crazy!!LOL) I honestly cant wait to see David. He has a beautiful voice and I am constantly playing his cds. Just amazes me he is the same little boy that sat with me at the 86 reunion discussing Disney movies!!!

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