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New “Hope” And Understanding Native America Origins.

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New “Hope” And Understanding

Native America Origins.

the family

There is so much evidence and so many things that occurred in the Heartland model of America that corresponds beautifully with The Book of Mormon events and its people.  Those of us who have been on this tour wish to share our feelings with you.

Suzanne and I went on a tour to see these things for ourselves.  Here are some opinions and testimonials of those things our group saw and felt that convince us on our Heartland Mounds Tour that these things truly took place in North America.

the family“The Book of Mormon clearly writes of a ‘Land of Promise’, a land of choice above all other lands.  That could only refer to the land of America!  The Heartland model offers far more evidence and artifacts that match up with the Book of Mormon descriptions of the ancient civilization than the Meso-American model ever has.  Chris Humpherys

 “The Lamanites have not gone. They are still here!”   D. Wayne Thornock

“It is very clear after viewing the complexity of the existing ruins, that there was a great civilization in the Heartland of America.  I know of only one description of this complex of a civilization.  That would be The Book of Mormon.  Dee Ray Olson

 “I just wish all LDS people would have the advantage to truly investigate the geography of The Book of Mormon.  It is inspiring to learn such details and it enhances one’s testimony.  Don’t be afraid of learning more and beware of intellectual bias regarding The Book of Mormon geography.  Louis Erickson

“I am so impressed with the amazing remains of the Hopewell people who we believe are the Nephites / Lamanites.  They appear to be very advanced in their building and craftsmanship.  Seeing breastplates of copper and other things mentioned in The Book of Mormon convinces me that they did live in the North America setting .  One Cumorah!”  Laura Erickson

“I am deeply impressed with so many of the evidences that have come forth and that will yet come forth showing strong correlations with The Book of Mormon history.  The Lord promised Joseph Smith that he would cause the ground to bring forth evidence and he has truly done that. To see first hand ancient metallurgy with breastplates, swords, and many implements of commerce and trade is remarkable.  I am thrilled to see bones of all the animals mentioned in The Book of Mormon and they are the same animals that were in the Holy Land where Lehi’s colony came from.  These were clean animals, not the unclean as those in Mesa-America.  It is humbling to hear of the many gravesites of huge burials of hundreds and thousands of men, women, and children, thrown in.  I love the possible sacred site of Bountiful and the sacred feelings of that place.  I love this land – the Promised Land – One Cumorah!”  Marsha Burnside

the family“My testimony has been strengthened by standing in sacred places and by learning about the history of my people.  As  a Native American, I know that life is a sacrey journey and I know that we are sons and daughters of a loving creator.  We live in the land that is the most choice land of our Heavenly Father.  It is a promised land.”

‘For the eternal purposes of the Lord shall roll on, until all His promises shall be fulfilled.’  Mormon 8:22  Andrea Barlow – Shoshone – Bannock Tribe

“I haven’t been so excited about something like the Heartland Model in a long time.  From the great mound civilizations, the finding of mass graves near Hill Cumorah, the Michigan tablets, the DNA story, all The Book of Mormon geography references, to the history of the political intrigue, it hasn’t done anything but add to my testimony of The Book of Mormon.”  Paul Winter

“When I was a missionary in Peru, I was able to see many incredible sites of ancient peoples.  But, it was not until the Hopeland Model that I had information about the United States of America that I ‘knew’ when I first read The Book of Mormon.  I ‘knewThe Book of Mormon talked about the USA except for Adam-Ondi-Ahman.  Many things are never talked about and yet when you see these sites, the spirit confides what The Book of Mormon testifies.  This is the Promised Land!  And, the Nephites came here!”  Joyce Winter

“It is exciting to participate in a tour in which physical evidence matches and fits so closely to what we read in The Book of Mormon.  One’s testimony of the truthfulness of The Book of Mormon and the divine call of the Prophet Joseph Smith is strengthened when you view all the wonderful geographical evidence.  To me the spirit testifies more strongly the truthfulness of the people.”  Rusty Barlow

the family“I’ve always believed that this land, the U.S.A., is the specific land referred to in The Book of Mormon as the ‘Promised Land’.  Our constitution was brought about for this purpose.  The physical evidence of this tour was overwhelming in it’s proof of a civilized society who lived here during The Book of Mormon times.  They knew and wrote Hebrew and believed in God.  This land also had all the ores, animals and seeds spoken of in The Book of Mormon.  This was so informative and inspiring.”  Susan Iverson

“This has been a very informative trip.  I knew very little about the Hopewell civilization.  What I have been experiencing this week and how it ties into The Book of Mormon brings a good feeling to me.  I want to learn more!  Rod Meldrum does a good job in presenting this information to us.  The trip has been very inspiring.”  Joan Iveson

“The information given us about the Heartland Model for The Mook of Mormon land is very convincing.  The artifacts, the way the animals, plants and mounds match up to the information in The Book of Mormon is amazing!  The oral history given by Native Americans also fits the Heartland Model.  This trip has been very informative and exciting.  I love the way this backs up the claims of our wonderful scriptures!”  Robyn Pearson

the family“I have been particularly interested in the complexity of many of the geometric earthworks in Ohio and also the immense size.  To me this demonstrates the sophistication and large size of the Hopewell civilization.  Also, the recovery of the ‘Holy Stones’ from some of the mounds shows powerful evidence that they had religious traditions as the people of the Old Testament.  I believe those people were brought here by God and have provided us with a second witness, even The Book of Mormon.”  Lee Pearson

“This information is amazing.  I am astonished that this information has not been taught throughout my life.  I am certain that any person that even modestly studies this history will be convinced of its validity.  Future history will look at this information and acknowledge its substantial impact on converting people to the truth of The Book of Mormon.  I would like to thank Brother Meldrum for his diligence and research.”  O. Van Thornick

“This tour has been a further testament of how main-stream archeology continues to verify and validate the claims of The Book of Mormon.  Would anyone argue that Native Americans were misunderstood and their history was largely ignored as they were driven from their lands and put onto reservations?  The Book of Mormon prophecies reveal that these people who are the covenant people of the Lord will one day become a mighty people.  What a thrill to see so many faithful Church members who are becoming very knowledgeable about these evidences which prepares them to better defend The Book of Mormon and thus the gospel and the Church.  My hope is that members, once armed with the powerful new research, will be emboldened to share the gospel with millions of others, resulting in the gospel rolling forth with greater success.  The gospel is the most powerful and realistically is the only method of correcting and returning God’s children to righteousness.  My prayer is that this research and these evidences will play a significant part in bringing about a re-commitment to gospel principles.  I feel honored to be privileged to associate with such tremendous seekers of truth!”  (I would like to especially thank Alan and Suzanne Osmond for their time, talents and spirit of adventure and desire to pursue truth relating to this research.  I have grown to love and respect them immensely.)  Rod Meldrum
Get Rod’s latest book with picture evidences! 

the family“I love to find truths and to share them with others.  When Suzanne and I met Rod Meldrum and learned about and then saw additional truths, we both felt compelled to go and see for ourselves many of the existing evidences of those who came to this promised land of America before Columbus.

Through The Book of Mormon, we knew that Lehi’s family left Jerusalem, built a ship and by the hand of God were led to this blessed land which was saved and prepared for them.  Their history was recorded on gold plates and translated into the book by Joseph Smith known as The Book of Mormon; Mormon is the name of the prophet who abridged a room full of ancient records into the final plates that got translated.

There are definitely two forces in this world.  One is for good and the other is for evil.  Oh, how I hurt inside for those who followed the evil one and destroyed so much of the Native American History!  Oh, how I try to understand why government, the Smithsonian, and wicked and conspiring men tried to erase the Native American history and to label them as savages; to kill them, starve them by killing their ‘beasts’ or buffalo that provided them with food, and to those who offered  them blankets infested with smallpox which took many lives of their men, women and children is unbelievable.  Only God can fix and mend the pain, the tears, and those oh so many broken hearts.

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a ‘Mormon’, I pray to my fellow brothers and sisters in the gospel that you will open your eyes, hearts, and minds to these evidences in the Heartland of North America; the place where Adam and Eve first dwelt; the promised land that was preserved for a righteous people and a free nation; the place where these people’s ancient history and records were revealed in Palmyra, New York by an angel; one of the places where Jesus Christ appeared to His “other sheep” after He was crucified for our sins; the place where the New Jerusalem will soon be built to prepare for the return and second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ where He will dwell for a thousand years with those who survive the  world’s ‘baptism of fire’ fulfilling all righteousness.

I am so thankful that we ignored those who tried to discourage and persuade us not to come on this tour to see these mounds and evidences of these most intelligent and humble people who knew geometry and astronomy and built these amazing earthworks.  Their works testify of their beliefs and willingness to serve their Creator and to defend their families in righteousness.  They built a land of prosperity and security, working with precious ores and mining copper, zinc, silver and gold with machines confirming that there were horses, elephants, the ‘giant’ people of the Jaradites.  They were able to continue living the Law of Moses which they could not do in Meso America for many reasons like the fact that there were no sheep, no barley nor wheat or grapes/vineyards.  They did not use a lunar based calendar but a solar calendar, their weeks were not seven (7) days but 13 or 20 days (short count and long count) weeks, they used steps in stead of ramps as indicated in scripture for their temples for modesty, they had no horses or elephants, and no evidence for Semitic DNA ancestry/lineage, all of which are indicated by The Book of Mormon.

While all these things are lacking in Meso-america, all of them have been verified by non-Mormon sources in this Hopewell Civilization we have been learning about on this tour!  They were all available in North America!  The evidence continues to support the claims of The Book of Mormon, which is the foundation of the gospel in these latter days.

I have a testimony of The Book of Mormon.  Until our living prophet, Thomas S. Monson, tells us where The Book of Mormon actually took place, and the reasons for so many evidences of the Hopewell civilization and Native Americans that were recorded in that book, then I invite you to “seek and ye shall find” answers to so many questions about North America.  Satan, and those who follow him have laid traps and snares to stop us and continually try to stop and destroy us and God’s work and Glory which we are.

May our Native Americans forgive those who have hurt them and their posterity.

Alan Osmond

the family

 For The Family

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